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What can I see on my dashboard as an ‘Organizer’?

Lots of fun things!

Last updated on March 28, 2022

As an Organizer, you have increased visibility to a ton of helpful information about your event!

Here’s what you can see from the top of the Experience screen! This differs slightly from what Team Members see.


Experience Information:

This has information about the number of participants (expected numbers, as well as actual numbers after the event) as well as if there are any deadlines for this event (such as shipping information deadlines).



This shows you the number of participants that have RSVP’d, in three categories: Yes, No, and Pending. It also breaks it down by percentage for you!


What to expect:

This has a brief description about the event, which is also what your participants will see!


What to bring:

This tells your participants what they’ll need for this experience.


Hosted by:

This will give you some information about your host or hosts, including their picture and a short bio.


RSVP details:

For experiences that require kits, this will show you the details about each RSVP, including their Email, Name, RSVP Status, RSVP Time, and address information.