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Types of Experiences

We have options to bring your team together online, in-person, or asynchronously.

Last updated on March 23, 2022

Wavy offers experiences for flexible teams, which means we have online and in-person options, as well as DIY and asynchronous events. Here's how they work. Online (live) — Our standard events: an hour to an hour and a half experience guided by a subject-matter expert or engaging host who leads it. Every online event has a moderator as well, who is there to help the host run the experience and make sure that the event is running as expected. In our online events, we often use breakout rooms, polls, and chat features to make sure participants are engaged throughout the experience. We also host "mini games" that create moments for connection amongst team members; these are small conversational games that we weave into all of our experiences, so that it is always an interactive experience. Online DIY — We don't provide a host or a moderator, but we send a guide on how to run a really engaging experience on your own. This could include event materials to actually run the experience (i.e. slides, a score sheet, etc.) or kits, so that everyone can make something together. It takes the hassle out of planning your next small team social! Online Asynchronous — An event or initiative that does not have a set time in which it takes place. For example, think about a "wellness week" where there are different challenges or activities people can participate in on their own time, while still being able to engage with their team. In person — We've got options available upon request!