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How do I tell my team to RSVP?

We help you break this down!

Last updated on March 31, 2022

Once you’ve met with your Experience Coordinator, they will send over the following to you:

  1. Dashboard Link
  1. Short Blurb
      • Date and time of the event/s
      • Getting folks excited for the event
      • How to enter the dashboard
      • How to join the live event via the dashboard
  1. Invite Card (Optional)
      • We’ll send you a fun invite graphic you can include in your internal communications that includes the dashboard link in it.
      • Don’t feel like including the Invite Card in your communications – no worries! As long as they receive the dashboard link, folks will be able to join the event!

You’ll be able to copy and paste this information into an email to your team members! Once folks RSVP, they can receive communications from our team reminding them that their event is coming up. If you wish to keep communications only internal – no worries, you decide what is best for your team!