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How do I join my experience?

Here's a quick how-to to help you feel confident in joining an experience.

Last updated on March 28, 2022

You've registered, you're hyped up, the big day is here... how do you get in?

Wavy has made it super easy to join an experience and you'll start by logging back in to the dashboard where you RSVP'd.


You'll be taken to the dashboard where all the information and details is stored about your company’s events. You can update your RSVP and read up on what to expect, what to bring and who the event is hosted by!

There will be a list of any upcoming experiences, all the past experiences you've enjoyed and any experiences you need to RSVP to. For more information the Wavy Dashboard, click here.

On the big day, 15 minutes before the event starts, you'll see the HAPPENING NOW notification appear and you can click the Join button to be rerouted to your virtual event.

We recommend you arrive a little early for your experience to ensure that you're able to join smoothly. If you do have any issues, refer to our FAQ section or email support through